Friday, October 21, 2011

Atlanta Zombie Apocolypse, Conley, GA (The Sequel)

Last year we raved about our trip to Atlanta Zombie Apocolypse and we were desperately looking forward to our visit this year.  Unfortunately, the sequel didn't live up to the original.  We sincerely feel that if our group size had been smaller we would have had a better experience.  Before we enter the attraction I commented to one of the staff regarding the number of people in the group we were assigned to.  I said, "You aren't actually going to send a group this big in, are you?"  There were nine people in all, though it was actually several smaller groups put together.  His comment to me was, "I think we can handle it, miss."  I regret to say that they couldn't handle it.  We were near the back of the line and missed almost every single scare.  There were even rooms that they couldn't fit all nine of us into at the same time, so we didn't get to see what happened.  There were at least two instances where the staff didn't realize the group wasn't all together, which meant we missed even more of the experience.  Had they seperated our group down to no more than six people I feel that it would have been just as amazing as it was last year.

In 2010 we felt as if we were pursued by a hoard of zombies during parts of the event.  This year we felt as though we were herded through things, rather than experiences hoards.  Having felt as if this were like being a part of a movie in 2010 it was a huge disappointment to never be able to sink into the storyline for 2011.  We received excuses from the management regarding it being opening weekend when we attended, however we stand by our opinion that if we are paying full price we want a full price experience. 

It is our sincere hope that the management at Atlanta Zombie Apocolypse took our constructive criticism into account and made a few minor adjustments so that everyone paying for the full haunt experience can feel that they got the full haunt experience.  Smaller groups would have made all of the difference.  Of course, if you want to miss the scares and just float along behind the group that's really your choice when you go in a group that it larger than the rooms will physically hold.  There are still scenes at AZA that I can't figure out what I missed in.  I hope it will be better next year.  Maybe the third part of the trilogy will live up to our high expectations. 

This year we are ranking Atlanta Zombie Apocolypse at three severed heads, though we seriously considered giving it only two and a half.  The scale runs up to five severed heads, and we are confident that this attraction could earn higher ratings if we could have experienced it with everyone else in our group instead of barely making it into the spaces and missing the scares.  Better luck next year.