Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Netherworld, Norcross, GA

As usual, Netherworld astounds!  This year I screamed as I experiences loads of changes while traversing their haunts.  I got touched several times, which is a huge plus for me.  Everything started out with their amazingly detailed lot characters and three projections, which were all showing the DragonCon parade the night that we were there.  Upon entering the haunt we experienced many close encounters with actors and props.  It took over one and a half hours to complete everything from the lines to both walking through both attractions. 

One noteworthy warning is to be aware of is that there are spots of the floor that have slippery surfaces.  Be careful to wear shoes that have safe traction on irregular surfaces and wet floors.  Another consideration is that it gets rather warm inside of the haunts. 

We love the stimulation of multiple senses that you experience in the attractions at Netherworld.  Smells will assault you in some very interesting places.  This just increases the experience!  Especially when you add in the impact of all of the creapy crawly critters that you might encounter on your visit.

Scares will ensnare you from every angle in the adventure you undertake when you visit Netherworld.
On a scale of five possible severed heads, Netherworld ranks at the top of our list with five severed heads.  When you enter their world, you will completely forget that there is another world outside that you have left behind.