Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Folklore Haunted House in Dallas, GA 2011

Our return to Folklore on September 23, 2011 was at the very beginning of the season (obviously).  There were some improved sets and the actors were solid this year.  I ran into some characters in some very unexpected locations!  There was one who kept popping up in location after location very suddenly.  He actually made me scream, which is rare. 

One challenge that we feel was encountered for us was that we were recognized from our visit last year.  Since they knew who we were and why we were there before we went in that has the potential to influence what occured within the haunt.  We don't think that it did, since they weren't in constant radio contact with all of their actors, but we felt that we should include that information within our review.

The building that is used by Folklore is a lease, which we have discovered creates some unique challenges for haunters.  There are several haunt owners and managers that we have had the pleasure of speaking with this year who have expressed frustrations related to the limitations that are forced upon them when they do not own the building that they occupy.  For instance, Folklore is unable to acheive complete darkness within the attraction because they are not able to modify the panels on the drop ceiling.  There is another haunt in Georgia that is also having a problem with this because they would have to drop the sprinkler heads in their leased building (which would cost somewhere around $20,000) before the fire marshall would allow them to put ceilings on their maze walls.  Most people probably don't notice that these haunts aren't as dark as they could be, but imagine what else they could do if they were able to acheive a pitch black environment!

Navigating Folklore took us under twenty minutes total time, but it was an enjoyable time none the less.  Our opening night adventure has us wanting to know what it's like at the peak of haunt season.  I guess that means we will be back next year.

Folklore is currently being rated at three severed heads out of a possible five.  In order to increase their ranking we hope that they will introduce various stimulations for the senses and scares that come out from even more angles.  Happy haunting!